Dipping My Toe in the Water

So I’ve decided to finally do it. I’ve decided to take a step out there and try my hand at photography. I’ve NEVER had plans to be a photographer at any time in my life that I can remember. But as I look back over my life, I can identify a thread stringing through my years that ties me to the love of photography. Whether it was in elementary and middle school, when all I wanted was a disposable camera to take pictures of friends, family and posed stuffed animals. Or in high school when I begged for a digital camera from my parents so that I could move into the digital age and start taking cool pictures. From learning how to make the best of my camera phone, to dinking around with photo editing programs to see what they can add to my pictures. All these moments popping up at different points throughout my life. Though, because I never had any knowledge or skill that was notable, I’ve brushed off this underlying desire time and time again. There are two distinct points in my memories that also stand out very much to me. The first, in 10th grade I signed up for photography class. I was excited to finally learn how to take pictures. The right way. But because in the prior semester I didn’t do so hot in my English class (I was just awful at doing my homework), I was taken out of photography during the first week and put into an “English-help” class. “Meh, it was not meant to be” is how I’ve always chalked it up. So I went on and  continued in my other artistic expressions of drawing and painting. Another distinct point I have in my memory is how my cousin and I would spend hours some nights, playing in makeup and taking pseudo-modeling pictures of each other. First on someone’s camera phone, then on my highly awaited digital camera I got in the 12th grade. We would always look over our crop of photographs. Our pictures came out very different. Now there was the fact that she had been blessed with the natural appearance of a model, and I had not…but when we compared the composition of the pictures we had taken, I had to admit to myself that I took pretty good pics. 🙂  Years go by and here I am. Ready to take on the challenge from another position in my photography journey. So why don’t you join me? I will try to track my progress and share what I learn.


One thought on “Dipping My Toe in the Water

  1. How beautiful and powerful!! You are following your passion!! You will do great!! And be well known for your work!! Beauty and painting is in the Eyes of God!! That. Gift from God!!! ❤️❤️💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼Auntie


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