I got a DSLR!

So one of the most recent milestones in my photography journey has to be when my Nikon D3300 (plus my Nikkor 18-55mm kit lens) arrived at my home. Now I’ve never been very up on tech. So when I decided that I was going to choose a camera so I that I would have the proper equipment to start my serious endeavors into photography, I didn’t know where to start. I spent hours online researching cameras. “Beginner” and “affordable” were two keywords I frequented. I learned  all about the different options out there. I realized I was beyond looking for just a “good digital camera”. There were point and shoots, zooms, super zooms, DSLRs. So much information I had to take in and digest. I finally decided that a DSLR, or Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera was going to be right for me and what I hoped to do. Next task: get my husband on board. My very frugal husband. I had to convince Chris that there was value in spending at least a few hundred dollars on camera to “learn more about photography”. At first it did take some persuading. So I spent much time on Craigslist and at the pawn shop, something I have absolutely no problem with. I love being thrifty. But then finally a light went off for him and he realized that the best case scenario for buying a camera is that I could start a business and earn some additional income. That wasn’t my initial goal by any means. But if it worked for my man, it worked for me… and got me some wiggle room for my camera budget. 😉 So I agreed that I would look into that as a possibility for the future and pushed on looking for a camera. I honestly didn’t know which DSLR would be a good choice for me, but I finally  decided that I  would just choose one that was reasonably priced and had pretty good reviews. Chris was actually excited for the process and was the one to find my camera on Groupon. There was some sort of camera bundle for just under $500. I looked up the reviews and figured, “sure!” So I took the sum we put aside for a camera and submitted my order. I was filled with happy anticipation. When it finally came I was elated. I sorted through each and every one of my bundle items and took as many quick sample pictures as I could. All pretty bad pictures… I really had no idea what I was doing. But it was okay, because I had what I needed to be on my way. All I have left to do now is learn everything about photography…


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