Who’s that girl?

DSC_0151DSC_0155DSC_0181DSC_0182So just as a heads up, you most likely will see a reoccurring face pop up on this blog as the subject of many of my photos. As much as I would love to say it is me doing all the good modeling in my pics, sadly I cannot. But it’s okay… because I love the girl that is! As I mentioned in my  previous post I have a cousin/BFF who in the past has shared many a late nights playing around in make up, taking pictures in pretend modeling shoots. Now while my amateur camera skills may have played a small part in her great results, she definitely has a lot to work with. I say all this to say that ever since those days, I’ve adopted her as my built in home-supermodel.That’s why I’ll be using her so often. She’s beautiful. So that shouldn’t be too horrible. Anytime I’ve needed someone to pose for me, she’s always the first person I ask. Like when I finally bought my camera I felt like I just needed to give her a look and she knew to go get ready to take some pictures. I’ve recently realized that the style of photography that I love and plan to practice is portraiture or portrait photography. So I will be practicing on all kinds of people if I can help it, but don’t be surprised when you see one of my favorite people in the world continue to pop up here. Just enjoy. 🙂

Now, to celebrate this information, I shared some of the photos from my very first shoot using my camera. We were down at the beach side of the Marina on a pretty cold November evening, pretty close to sunset. Note: I was just learning how to use the aperture priority mode so these are  all over the place. I was more getting comfortable with focusing and the natural lighting (and losing the light). Also I did some lightweight editing right after I took them. They’re not as sharp as the should be, but for my very first shoot with a DSLR, I’ll take them.


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