So I can definitely say that  outdoor lighting so far, has been the easier source for me to work with. I must say when I first got my camera I took my first handful of shots around the house, excited and anticipating the beautiful, high quality photos my camera would produce. Unfortunately at the time I didn’t realize that there was so much for to learn lighting-wise.  My shots were too bright, too dark, too blue, too yellow and everything in between.  So I took some time and learned as much as I could about simple lighting.  Also when I was so excited about my camera being shipped, I kind of ordered a bunch of other stuff including a cute camera strap and a 3 point lighting kit. I didn’t know what to do with it initially, but I briefly attended the University of YouTube, a school that I frequent, and gathered some quick information to help me set it up. I did a first practice on my mom, creating an “about the author” portrait for a book she was working on, and then that same day I used my model to try out some black and white photos. I used my tiny living room, my big front window, a table propped up on its side with a black fleece blanket for the background, and my small lighting kit. For a first attempt, I was pretty satisfied with the results.

First my mom:

When we were done, this is what came next:


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